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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Exists In Thirty Nations

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The head of Bethel World Outreach Ministries International, now Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited, Rev. Julius Laggah has disclosed that the ministries has been in existence for over thirty years in thirty nations.

He made this disclosure during the official launch of the Ministries new name and logo at the Church headquarters, Circular Road, Freetown.

Rev. Laggah noted that the Ministries has been in existence for over thirty years, actively sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, planting churches, training and sending out missionaries, in those nations with about three hundred and fifty churches and fellowships around the world, sharing God’s love to humanity.

He said the transition being made from Bethel to Harvest is by the leading of the Holy Spirit and their presiding Bishop with the rest of the Diocesan Bishops to fully reflect the vision of the ministry of a world where no one lives or dies without Christ.

He explained that after thirty years of Ministry, Bethel World Outreach Ministries International has officially changed its name to Harvest Intercontinental Ministeries Unlimited effectively 1st January 2021.

Each Church within the organization has now become Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited Church and the Cathedral now Harvest Intercontinental Cathedral, Freetown.

Rev. Laggah went on to say during those thirty years, God has allowed Bethel World Outreach Ministries International, under the leadership of their presiding Bishop the most Rev. Dr. Darlingston G. Johnson to be actively involved in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

He explained that they have taken the great commission seriously and have invested time; resources and human equity into helping people discover Jesus, grow in their faith and make an impact by serving others at different levels, and also prepare the next generation of Christian leaders.

He added that the new name is both a prophetic revelation and a faith declaration of their purpose and destiny and each word in their name is significant. “Harvest” speaks of their Mission, “Intercontinental” is their Scope, “Ministries” is their method and “Unlimited” is their God which is same Church, same leadership, same doctrine but only the name that change.

He added that the decision was not taken lightly and throughout the course of the transition, they have adhere to the guidelines of their constitution and they are truly excited about the next thirty year, as they move from Bethelites to Harvesters, and the renewing of their commitment to help create a world where no one lives or dies with Christ.

He explained that their renewed vision is “A world where no one lives or dies without Christ” and they believe that every person is loved by God, and God desire a personal relationship with them through Jesus and they are on a mission to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the whole world.

Rev. Norwoh Ali said that it an exciting moment for them as harvester that she welcome everyone in order to start the journey with them and the transition for being comfortable in their Father’s House and also getting themselves involved in the harvest field of the kingdom where no one lives or dies without Christ.

He noted that it is a joyous moment in the history of Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited and they are happy that people are here with them in order to grace the occasion.

She mentioned that she knows that people have questions about the change of name and why now but that she wants them to know that it is the same church, same leadership, same doctrine but they are only changing the name to Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited.

Other representative from different churches made a meaningful contribution towards the launched of the New Name.

The programme was climaxed by the National Anthem song of the New Name of Harvest Intercontinental Ministers Unlimited and also the unveiling of the new logo.

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