As 34 Military Hospital Accused… WHO KILLED NYANDA YEAMA ROGERS?

Adding that: “they told me that there is no oxygen and that I should pay for blood that is normally free and I had to pay 400,000 for blood.”

Col Dr Stephen Sevalie

In other parts of the world even in third world countries like Sierra Leone, the military hospitals are normally the best.

But that is not the case in Sierra Leone as there have been several reports about professional misconduct of staff at the 34 Military Hospital to the point of fatalities due to professional carelessness.

This was what was done to the late Nyanda Yeama Rogers who died at the 34 for military hospital for on 2 of October 2020 for what family sources have described as professional medical negligence.

“This lady just started her budding career as senior assistant secretary in the civil service of Sierra Leone attached to the ministry of foreign affairs when her life was cut short by lackluster medical practitioners at the 34 Military Hospital,” a friend  of the deceased stated.

Family sources narrated that when they took the late woman to the 34 Military Hospital at around 6am, the hospital started delaying, claiming that there was no wheel chair or stretcher to take the young lady into the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Ward but  family members had to literarily carried her into Ward

Luckily for the family, the brother of the late woman is a medical doctor and he was with them at the Ward.

The hospital nurses started shouting at the family members including the doctor brother of the deceased to go outside but he tried to explain to them strenuously that he himself is a doctor.

Sadly form 6am  when they called the medical doctor for an emergency case, he didn’t come into the ward until 7am.

Before, he (doctor) came, the nurses told the family that they don’t have glove when they wanted to take the deceased vital signs, family sources state

That at 7am, Dr Bangura walked into the Ward sluggishly and went to the nurses, started talking with them instead of  checking the patient.

That the Medical Doctor Brother of the deceased had to go to the Dr Bangura and talked to him that the patient is in a critical condition.

That it was at that time that Dr. Bangura went to look at the patient and lifted her hand and dropped it on the bed, stating that the patient had stroke.

“As Dr, I went to him and told him that was not the way to threat a patient and I advised that she didn’t have stroke but she is anemic and that she needed blood and oxygen,” Dr Rodger, brother of the deceased explain.

Adding that: “they told me that there is no oxygen and that I should pay for blood that is normally free and I had to pay 400,000 for blood.”

That when the patient died, I went to  Dr Bangura and said thank you very much for the lack of care for my sister.

“You won’t believe that when my sister died in less than 10 Minute they were able to come with stretcher that they could not bring to take a living soul into the Ward,” he painfully explained.

The family has reported the matter to the Sierra Leone Medical and Dental Council and the Military has set up a Board of Inquiry into the matter some 4 months ago but up till now there is no report.

When  SALONE TIMES contacted Commanding Officer  of 34 Military Hospital, Dr  Stephen Sevalie said that indeed the Board of Inquiry met and he has submitted the report to his bosses but he doesn’t know when the report will be out.

That there are people that should sign the report including a member of the Rogers family while some of the other military personnel have other assignments

More on this in subsequent editions


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