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Sunday, May 9, 2021

CAF Disqualifies Sierra Stars

According to the rules of the tournament if a single player is tested above the age of 17 they will ban the whole team for two years. 

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Sierra Leones national U-17 male team lost their two group stage matches against Guinea Bissau 1-0 and Mali 5-0 in Senegal.

The above WAFU U-17 tournament was scheduled earlier to be hosted in Sierra Leone but was later taken to Senegal due to Sierra Leone’s lack of standard MRI standard test machine. Despite WAFU disqualifying the test machine at ECOMED, the team went on to do their first test there. After the test at ECOMED, they took the players back to Guinea to do another test there.

Sources from Guinea stated that it was the same hospital that Guinea did their own test and ended up to face ban.

According to the rules of the tournament if a single player is tested above the age of 17 they will ban the whole team for two years.

When the team reached Senegal, they did the official test of the tournament before they played their two matches.

After the two matches, the FA said they received a correspondent from the organizers dated 9thFebruary 2021 communicating a decision from CAF that Sierra Leone has been disqualified from the CAF U-17 tournament due to non-eligibility of some players in the team but did not mention how many of them were overage in the letter.

According to the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), despite the above letter they have sought for clarification into the matter and are waiting for the final result of the test conducted by CAF in Senegal.

If the decision stands, Sierra Leone will face two years ban from the tournament. Despite the money they spent on the two tests which may go in vain, the team started the preparation by travelling to Liberia to play friendly matches against the Liberia U-17 national team and against some clubs in Liberia and won all matches played.

Back home they were camped together and played series of friendly matches which they win all with over 80 goals scored. But before going to Senegal, some of the players who travelled to Liberia were dropped back home when they were tested above the age limit.

Some football lovers said the FA would have decided to go and do the test at the official place in Senegal instead of doing it in Guinea before the CAF test.

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