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Sunday, May 9, 2021

As Clubs Declined Playing Behind Closed Doors…Premier League Postponed!

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By Alieu Bockarie

Sierra Leone Premier League which was scheduled to start on the 19th February 2021 has now been postponed indefinitely According to one of the premier league board member Ishmael Saidu Kanu, there was a plan to let the league start on the 19thFebruary 2021, but the clubs declined that they can’t play behind closed doors.

Playing behind closed doors, they said will be a big loss to the clubs as they depend on gate takings to run the clubs. They went on that they need money to pay the players, hire vehicles to play out of their grounds.

Ishmael said playing behind closed doors was the first mandate giving to them by NACOVERC.  But he said after hearing the concerns of the clubs, they went back to NACOVERC to see if they will allow them to play at least with few fans allowed.

He went on that NACOVERC said they were going to meet and will tell them if it will be okay to play with few fans.

Kanu said they are waiting to hear what will come out of the NACOVERC meeting.

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