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We Have A Problem With The Govt. Not Bio or SLPP …APC Tells Peace Commission

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The Executive Secretary for the Independent Commission For Peace and National Cohesion (ICPNC), Madam Hawa Sally Samai has disclosed that the All People’s Congress (APC) does not have problem with the SLPP or President Bio but with the government of Sierra Leone. Hawa said this at the weekly Ministry of Information and Civic Education press conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference room on Tuesday 5th August 2023. She said that the APC had revealed that to them when they engaged the party in Freetown.

Madam Samai went on to say that they had engaged all political parties before the June elections to make sure that everyone enjoys a peaceful election.

She further said that even though there was a disagreement between the ECSL and the APC party, they had tried to bring them together so that they will talk things out and also iron out their misunderstandings.

“We were with the two parties for three days at the Bintunmani till after the elections. Even after the election, things did not go as the people were expecting it to happen,” she said.

We talked to the SLPP party to understand, how they will put out a peace message across the country, since the SLPP won the election and they are expected to put out a peace message to the people of Sierra Leone.

She also said that they engaged individuals of the APC party until they succeeded in bringing them together, and they were friendly to us.

“The APC party is not happy about the results that were announced by ECSL,” she stated.

Against that background, we will not go with that message to the Chairman of SLPP instead we will deliver it to the President himself, she explained. She also said that they delivered the message to the president about two weeks ago.  She said that they went to State House as a Commission with the Chairperson who led the process and Board members and a few of our staff. “We took the message and told the president exactly what they wanted and their concerns. One key concern is that they are ready to have a discussion with the government so that they will bridge the gap and work in the interest of the country” she ended.

By Adama Conteh

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